January 19, 2024 02:25 PM
NOTUS’ Oriana González was at the National March for Life, where Speaker Mike Johnson and others rallied with thousands of anti-abortion activists nearly two years after the fall of Roe. Congress’ role is even more essential “in a post-Roe America,” said March for Life President Jeanne Mancini, a day after the House passed two bills to curtail abortion access. Read more from Oriana on the right’s efforts to ban abortion.
January 17, 2024 10:33 AM
The president is set to gather Schumer, McConnell, Johnson and Jeffries at the White House this afternoon to urge them to pass more funding for Ukraine and Israel. The big problem? Republicans want to tie it to border legislation, and there’s still no deal in the Senate. And even if they had one, House Republicans don’t want to take it up.
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