April 17, 2024 12:54 PM
Three of the four bills in House Speaker Mike Johnson’s foreign aid package were released Wednesday afternoon. Here are the bills on aid to Ukraine, Israel and the Indo-Pacific region. The fourth bill is still to come but expected Wednesday, setting the House up for Saturday votes.
April 16, 2024 10:23 AM
Rep. Thomas Massie said Tuesday that he will join Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s motion to remove Mike Johnson as speaker. “He should pre-announce his resignation (as [John] Boehner did), so we can pick a new Speaker without ever being without a GOP Speaker,” Massie wrote on X.
April 02, 2024 02:54 PM
“This diagnosis has been difficult to process, but I am confident in the vigorous course of treatment that my medical team has developed, and I’ve begun my journey to fight this cancer,” the Arizona Democrat said in a statement. He said he will continue to work as he undergoes treatment.
February 02, 2024 10:41 AM
Chair Jim Jordan sent the Fulton County DA a request for documents related to how her office has managed federal funds in its investigation into 2020 election interference. It’s not the first time Jordan’s committee has demanded documents from Willis — last September, the DA’s office accused Jordan of unconstitutionally attempting to interfere with her probe.
January 31, 2024 08:00 AM
The House Homeland Security Committee advanced impeachment articles against the DHS secretary very early this morning. A full vote on the House floor could come as soon as next week, where the math is very narrow for Republicans, before becoming virtually impossible in the Senate should it get there.
January 30, 2024 02:03 PM
Bush issued a statement confirming she’s the Democrat under investigation for how she’s used federal funding for security. “In particular, the nature of these allegations have been around my husband’s role on the campaign,” she said. She said she has operated in “accordance with all applicable rules” in how she kept her husband on as part of her security team.
January 30, 2024 10:31 AM
The Homeland Security secretary sent a letter to the House Homeland Security Committee today assailing the committee’s burgeoning attempt to impeach him as “politically motivated accusations and personal attacks” without merit. “I assure you that your false accusations do not rattle me,” he wrote.
January 30, 2024 08:01 AM
A grand jury subpoena for documents sent to the House Sergeant at Arms announced on the floor yesterday is connected to an unnamed Democrat’s use of federal funds for security, several outlets report. Basically nothing else is publicly known about any of this just yet.