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Eric Suter-Bull holds a Vote Uncommitted sign
Voters who lost faith in Joe Biden over Israel’s war in Gaza say Vice President Kamala Harris has a chance at getting their support.
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Katherine Swartz covers Congress and campaigns for NOTUS. Here’s what she’s watching:
  • The House will vote Wednesday to form a bipartisan task force to investigate the assassination attempt against Donald Trump.
  • House Speaker Mike Johnson is publicly leading the effort, but the bill itself was introduced by Republican Rep. Mike Kelly, who is playing a central role in the oversight process.
  • Kelly also brought a group of lawmakers who sit on the House Homeland Security Committee to Butler on Monday to visit the site. The committee will hold a hearing today to examine the assassination attempt.
  • Kelly represents Butler Township, the site of the Trump rally. It’s a largely rural, conservative district — one that was rocked by the shooting that killed one man and injured several others, including the former president.
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