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Donald Trump
Trump has notably supported some more moderate GOP candidates over far-right challengers this cycle, angering many conservatives and delighting establishment Republicans.
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Tinashe Chingarande covers Congress and campaigns for NOTUS. Here’s what she is watching:

Former President Donald Trump launched “Black Americans for Trump” at an event at a predominantly Black church in Detroit over the weekend.

Amassing large swaths of Black support in time for the elections is a bit of a challenge for Trump but not necessarily a lost cause. Black Republicans in Detroit are adamant that Black voters have soured on President Joe Biden because of the state of the economy, and they swear Trump has an opening to at least eat into Biden’s margins.

“The real work is in Detroit, and there’s a voting base for you,” Martell Bivings, a Republican mounting a long-shot House bid, told NOTUS. “If you’re going to take the state of Michigan, you got to get Detroit.”

The Democratic National Committee launched an attack campaign to discredit Trump. Local Democrats, however, think Republican efforts are just a distraction and that Black voters turning to Trump have forgotten the “chaos” of Trump’s first presidency.

“You may have sympathizers or people who may have had blinders on where they have not been able to see and hear the intent of what this is, what this candidate has stated they will do when they get to the White House,” Jonathan Kinloch, the Michigan Democratic Party district chair for Detroit, told NOTUS. “It’s just nothing for me to pay attention to.”
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