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Kamala Harris
Democrats considering running against the vice president are at a serious disadvantage — structurally and, with some delegates, emotionally.
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Joe Biden
There’s a lot going on this week, and basically none of it is certain after a historic weekend. Exciting! Here are a few of the things we’re watching:
  • What does the Democratic Party do now? The House is due back on Monday, and the Senate on Tuesday, where we’ll expect to see whether the party gels around Kamala Harris or keeps the door open to other presidential candidates.
  • Also on Monday: The House Oversight Committee will hold a hearing in the morning on the Secret Service response to the attempted Trump assassination.
  • Joe Biden said Sunday he’ll speak more about his decision to not seek reelection this week. There’s no need to explain the drama here after he limited his explanations and decisions to text on Sunday.
  • And perhaps the biggest thing on the calendar: The Democratic National Committee’s Convention Rules Committee is expected to meet this week to begin plotting out next steps. The biggest question right now might be whether party leaders continue to push for a virtual roll call that would formally cement a nominee ahead of the convention.
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