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House GOP Whip Brings in Over $5 Million in Latest Fundraising Haul

House Majority Whip Tom Emmer brought in more than $5 million this quarter, bringing his total this cycle to over $22 million.

Tom Emmer
House GOP Whip Tom Emmer speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill. Tom Williams/Pool via AP

As Democrats reel from questions about President Joe Biden, Republicans are raking in the campaign dollars.

Among the major haulers this quarter was House Majority Whip Tom Emmer of Minnesota.

According to numbers the campaign provided to NOTUS, Emmer raised a staggering $5.2 million this quarter, bringing his total alone to $22.4 million this cycle.

The GOP whip has also contributed $10 million to the National Republican Congressional Committee and GOP candidates and has traveled to over 120 cities in his attempt to help Republicans retain the House.

In an interview on Monday, Emmer told NOTUS that, after eight Republicans “did that inane thing last October” by ousting former Speaker Kevin McCarthy — the party’s strongest fundraiser — he saw a fundraising hole that needed to be filled and decided to “pick it up a little bit” in terms of his fundraising.

“A fundraising operation isn’t built overnight,” Emmer told NOTUS. “Kevin’s was built over 20 to 30 years. I would argue that mine has primarily been built over the last five, but you can include the entire time I’ve been in Congress.”

“When you go around and meet with donors,” Emmer continued, “they just want to know, ‘What are you doing to ensure that you’re going to win?’”

Emmer said he is confident Republicans will retain control of the House. But he emphasized the importance of fundraising and campaigning for the GOP.

“You’re really in the campaign season now,” he said. “Literally, it’s raising money and helping our incumbents win reelection.”

While Emmer said it was important to win open seats and beat Democratic incumbents, he also emphasized the importance of holding on to as many seats currently held by Republicans.

“The least expensive seat to win is one you already hold,” he said.

Reese Gorman is a reporter at NOTUS.